Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Appreciate Hot Water

DAY 211

If this was "Use No Hot Water" Month, I'd be stylin'! My water heater is DONE (it is 21 years old, so I guess that is about right) so now I have to get a new one...grr...I will be adding $359 to my Nothing New Fund! Not a very exciting expenditure but...

So it was "Pioneer Day" here today and my "shower" only required two big pots of hot, hot water, diluted with some cold - it was more than enough! Interesting - I am sure I use too much water in the shower - I will start turning it off during sudsing to save more water (TMI, sorry). I do already pay attention and turn the faucet off during teeth brushing...good for me but I can do more I am sure...hmmmm.

I also cleaned out my gutters today which has nothing to do with Nothing New - I just want to brag that I did not bleed or fall during the entire experience. In the Spring, I will explore new gutters - my gutter "system" is probably not as efficient as it could be. Now, I just have to get through the rest of fall - once winter hits I don't have to worry about leaves and junk in the gutters. As luck would have it, it rained during this fascinating, joy-filled homeowner event - not a big rain, thankfully. The one cool thing in this particular housework was revisiting a solid memory of my Dad being out in torrential downpours, on the ladder, scooping "stuff" out of the gutters...he was here with me today! He was a last minute guy on these kinds of things - I come from good stock :)

Back to laundry detergent...I did find out from Kathy at Wegman's (nice, smart and very helpful) that their "Free" brand is not tested on animals, is plant-based (not made from petroleum) and even though they cannot officially say the product is "all natural" it is a pretty good product. If anyone has information otherwise, let me know! I prefer the lower price point of the store brand AND I want to have a lower impact on the environment. It's all about balance.

More to come - next month is building on the HB products as I go natural with cosmetics -I will not forgo makeup entirely - that would be SKARIE - just want to find more recyclable packaging, made in USA etc.

Bye for now - have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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