Sunday, April 15, 2012

And "Sow"It Begins...

DAY 27 (Year Three)

I was ready to REALLY plant my garden in mid-March...

I mean I was soooo ready when we had the 75 degree weather and I saw my garlic coming up way too soon (well - I thought it was early but perhaps the garlic feels right on time...) so it seems I have been ready for over a month.

The good news is that I have had what seems like "extra " time to get my "new improved, twice as big, turned 90 degrees for better sun, roto-tilled, two more raised-beds with a winding walk" food growing space prepared in more manageable chunks of time.

The fence is up - the metal stakes from prior garden mark the perimeter. The stakes took a Winter detour down to Conesus Lake and were destined for the scrap metal place only to be reclaimed again (redundant I know!) this Spring. I was all set to make a fancy white picket fence with a gate and a trellis...which sounded nice until I priced it out at $350 including post hole digging, cement and a ton of NEW stuff from Home Depot. As usual, the HD was great and sort of talked me out of it for a lot of reasons...thank you HD Guy! More Reality. More Using What You Already Have. That's the power of the HD!

The wire up to keep the critters out (HOPE IS NOT A PLAN) was "found" in my garage - yay. Just need to tack it down into the ground now (tent stakes) before putting the seedlings out into the beds. I witnessed a squirrel walk right under the fence and right in to the garden like he owned the place - all strutting and digging around - didn't even use the front door. Well, where the door WILL be. Will secure the wire to the metal posts, get a door (attach it somehow)...Put all the rocks I pulled out last year back in around the edge - looks nice...a garden "feature"...felt good to put those back to use.

Planted seeds in the little indoor green houses least things are underway - I would like it all to be up and out and in and growing in the Earth by May an edger and a real wheelbarrow now...look out! They were new so now I am on a quest for a used door and used tile to lay in between the beds to walk on and to deter weeds...we have so may great used house stores in Rochester - I will find something I'm sure! Will share the ROC resources in the next post...

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin