Tuesday, October 5, 2010


DAY 190...flashback (October 5, 2010)

Just over half way through my year of (Mostly) Nothing New - woot!

Before I go any futher - correction to a link posted for Wendy Thomas's Blog - thanks for noting that Jenn!


Had some great conversations over the past few days at a conference with people who are managing their own worlds of de-cluttering, letting go, living in the "right-size" spaces and general life-greening...more on that later...

Back to natural/green/responsible HB (Health and Beauty) products..thought I would revisit the Body Shop (Marketplace Mall in Rochester :) and their latest. I use to work at this store and loved it...great products not tested on animals, attention to recyclable packaging, community trade/fair trade ingredients and global campaigns to raise awareness on important issues such as human rights, protecting the planet and self-esteem.

I'm quite sure most of their products are not made in the USA which is not ideal...I'll get the scoop and fill you in! I want to research certain ingredients too - I'm still concerned about the sudsing sulfates...not to the point of losing sleep...more of a "hmmmmmm" level of wondering what the impact may be on me, others, the environment, you know :)

Meanwhile check out the Body Shop website:


More later - will work on shorter more frequents posts - thank you Friends!

Have a nothing New Day! Kristin

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