Friday, October 22, 2010

Up to Date...Yogurt Cups!

DAY 207

Flash forward from October 5 - too much time has gone by! Hope you are all well...

Quick update: I have been using some Body Shop face/skin care...seems great but....made in France! Not that there's anything wrong with France...just too far for my Natrulift Softening Cream Cleanser with Pomegranate to travel...will keep searching :)

My new toothbrush is made from yogurt cups, cost $2.99 and was made in the USA - yay! Made by a cool company called Preserve Products in Cortland, NY! It comes in a package that doubles as a mailer ready with address label (Mail Back Pack) to ship the toothbrush back to them to be recycled it! Check it out:

They even offer a "toothbrush subscription" to automatically get a new toothbrush every three months...clever!

The best thing? They accept #5 containers that most communities do not (#1s and #2s are most common)....this is from their website on their "Gimme 5" Program:

"Finally, a recycling solution for your yogurt cups, hummus tubs and other #5 plastic containers! If you’re serious about recycling, you know that most communities don’t accept these common containers for recycling. There’s not enough money in it for them to make it work. And those communities that do accept #5s are generally forced (by poor economics) into bundling them with other plastics to form a mixed plastic bale. This mixed plastic bale is of low value and is often shipped overseas to an unknown end of life."

Sign me up! Turns out everything is Motivation Month of "No Plastic" overlaps here for sure...interesting, not surprising and ever-challenging!

More to come on plastic and my search for the ultimate natural HB products...

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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