Monday, July 25, 2011

R.I.P. Beets

DAY 65 (Year Two)

With NO RAIN in beets did not survive...even with twice daily watering the leaves that looked promising, withered and turned brown. Darn! Had a little ceremonial moment for them as I pulled them out of the ground - exposing a skinny one inch root, not beet-like at all - and had a minute of respectful silence as I released them with love into the compost...for my worms to welcome with open arms...

Posted this link on Facebook today as a solid reminder of the water situation - I should say drought situation - around the country given the extreme heat and lack of rain....puts things into good perspective.

Water is one of our most precious commodities and it is easy to forget what a luxury it is to turn on the faucet. I drink water from my tap - no filter - and it is fine. Well, mostly fine...I got a free water test from Home Depot and then got to talk about my results with a nice Anderson Water dude. He was truly interested in educating me about water in our area and did not try to sell me anything. Check it out! Disclaimer: I just did a little research on HD and this service - seems they used to partner with a company called Rainsoft but there were so many complaints that now they work with Anderson - at least here in the Rochester, NY area. Always good to read fine print and to be clear about what you want and don't want.

Anyway, I do not have a water softener or filter on the tank so my water has a bunch of "stuff" in it that could be removed. Even though our water is pretty good - yay - I could help it along a little...will wait until next year to make that NEW purchase...

So tomorrow, have a little ceremony for all the water you use - as you shower, brush, wash and flush. Limit what you use, no matter how small the reduction. You can use less water! Even better, really pay attention to how you use water for one month and see what you can do. Oh, and say hello to the beets in your produce section next time you grocery shop...and have a moment...

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don't Need TV

DAY 43

It’s been over month of no TV and really, I do not miss it! I am out of the habit watching altogether and of having it on in the background at home or in the hotel while traveling.

Although I have no idea of what is happening on the Bachelorette or on Glee, my life seems more peaceful, my mind less cluttered and my travel more blissful. I do *not* miss hearing all the bad news, the over-amplified commercials or the Cheers re-runs! We will have to see how I feel when all the new shows start up again in the Fall....

Other pluses abound – read two (2....2, really!) non-work related books, got more work done, wrote postcards on vacation, talked with my Mom more and took care of other miscellany like follow up emails, logging receipts, and balancing my checkbook. These would have gotten done eventually but it just feels like I am more organized and getting things done along the way instead of letting them pile up – AND in order of importance (imagine that), in time (monumental feat) and with less stress (for real). Have all but forgotten about Starbucks...what is it, this Starbucks? Oh, right a coffee place.

I did find myself entranced by the TV twice on vacation - shared a cabin with my Mom who was kind enough to keep the TV off most of the time - thanks Mom! Once I was staring at a soap opera for a few minutes and had to rattle my head and extract myself...I think my mouth was even hanging open a little. The second time it was Wimbledon and I am pretty sure I wasn't blinking at all - had to go into the other room. I could hear the TV which was a tiny cheat but was able to do other things...Much easier at home here where turning on the TV provides only a snowy/static-y "I don't' have cable" screen.

Was gone for 12 days and came back to a nearly overflowing the TV means more time to pull weeds and mow!

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin