Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fitness Renaissance - 12 Weeks - Bring It On!


Finishing up the book - yay!  Will keep you posted and share "DONE" when it is in hand - end of June...

I had the chance to speak at a conference for the National Association of Women in Construction on Saturday - with two other wonderful women, Jenn Sertl and Maureen Burdick...it was called "Women Finding Power in Numbers" and we spent the day affirming all the ways we can be more deliberate, impactful and open. Excellent conversation, new ideas and positive energy filled the room!  Special thanks to MJ Naberhaus from O'Connell Electric for heading up a stellar committee and to the Builder's Exchange for the perfect meeting space.

We all committed to grounding new habits in the next 21 days (til June 8) - habits that will reinforce something we need to start, stop or continue doing...Wrote a note to ourselves to be received in the mail 3 weeks from now as a reward/reminder. Here are mine:

Stretch    Daily
Swim      3 x a week
Write      Daily (new book in progress!)

On a larger scale, I have decided to use these habits to jumpstart a 12 week "campaign" for myself - May 20-August  9 - to commit to get myself on a better track - physically, intellectually and emotionally. I am on Day 2 - yay! So far so good!  Mapped out the next two weeks of swimming 7-8am), as well as when I am going to sail - May 23, 26, and June 1-2 - I want be sure I am doing more than working, eating and sleeping...add in my Garden and I think I will feel pretty well rounded.  Swam this morning and it felt great....I am blessed to be able to do this!

There is a weight loss goal here as well - I learned from Maureen on Saturday that just a 7% drop in weight can dramatically reduce my chance of heart disease - OK then!  I am on it...Apparently, the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women can be camouflaged in high blood pressure, weight gain in the "middle" and fatigue...Here is the Mayo Clinic's view:


Diet, exercise and rest - the trifecta of healthy living - yes!  So simple and obvious AND profound.

Thank you Jenn for these reminders...I also have a theme song (Home by Phillip Phillps - "Settle down, it'll all be clear...") and using a bamboo plant as my strength symbol to remind me I am resilient, have all my basic needs met, and growing daily...(bamboo needs only water, a little light and kind words to thrive).

I will keep you posted - anyone want to join me in these 12 weeks???

Have a Nothing New Day!