Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sugar - Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

DAY 209


First, an update on natural cleaning products from September's Motivation Month - Wegman's Advance store brand Free of Dyes and Perfumes Laundry Soap - no phosphorus, has biodegradable ingredients AND cost about a third of what the 7th Generation brand does...good. I was contemplating alternatives to the $8 jug I finished up yesterday (lasted 2 months) as I was washing my reusable grocery bags. Every dollar saved helps, right? But....I just compared the two bottles directly and I realized I did not check the Wegman's brand for No Animal Testing and plant-based surfactants vs petroleum based. Maybe that's why the natural stuff costs so much - grrr. Almost back to Square One with this - will advise...

Most exciting news - I made a sugar scrub for the shower with mild olive oil, shite sugar and a few drops of peppermint oil (from Young Living - many natural food stores carry essential oils as well). Note to self (and to you) - less is more with the peppermint oil...unless you really like feeling cold for about 10 minutes after the shower - super refreshed and wide awake! Oh and do not put the peppermint oil anywhere near your eyeballs...not that I actually did that, well OK, not intentionally...I'm just saying, be careful :)

More to follow as I ponder making my own cleansers...oatmeal, olive oil, brown sugar....hmmmmm.

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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