Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hello Friends - Hope all is well and green in your worlds!  Happy 2014 to you all…if you are in the WinterLand - please stay warm and safe….

I started a new blog called Nothing New on Wordpress - would you go check it out and follow if you are so inclined???  Thanks for following me here - I appreciate you!

I am prepping for my Semester at Sea adventure and currently in a Sugar Free Nothing New Challenge Month - I am on Day 5 - good times!

Have a restful weekend and may all your resolutions be reflected in great habits and all your goals be grounded in sustainable systems….Have a Nothing New Day!  ~Kristin

NOTHING NEW                                  Greening your corner of the world by appreciating local abundance and aligning your wants, needs and haves.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fitness Renaissance - 12 Weeks - Bring It On!


Finishing up the book - yay!  Will keep you posted and share "DONE" when it is in hand - end of June...

I had the chance to speak at a conference for the National Association of Women in Construction on Saturday - with two other wonderful women, Jenn Sertl and Maureen was called "Women Finding Power in Numbers" and we spent the day affirming all the ways we can be more deliberate, impactful and open. Excellent conversation, new ideas and positive energy filled the room!  Special thanks to MJ Naberhaus from O'Connell Electric for heading up a stellar committee and to the Builder's Exchange for the perfect meeting space.

We all committed to grounding new habits in the next 21 days (til June 8) - habits that will reinforce something we need to start, stop or continue doing...Wrote a note to ourselves to be received in the mail 3 weeks from now as a reward/reminder. Here are mine:

Stretch    Daily
Swim      3 x a week
Write      Daily (new book in progress!)

On a larger scale, I have decided to use these habits to jumpstart a 12 week "campaign" for myself - May 20-August  9 - to commit to get myself on a better track - physically, intellectually and emotionally. I am on Day 2 - yay! So far so good!  Mapped out the next two weeks of swimming 7-8am), as well as when I am going to sail - May 23, 26, and June 1-2 - I want be sure I am doing more than working, eating and sleeping...add in my Garden and I think I will feel pretty well rounded.  Swam this morning and it felt great....I am blessed to be able to do this!

There is a weight loss goal here as well - I learned from Maureen on Saturday that just a 7% drop in weight can dramatically reduce my chance of heart disease - OK then!  I am on it...Apparently, the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women can be camouflaged in high blood pressure, weight gain in the "middle" and fatigue...Here is the Mayo Clinic's view:

Diet, exercise and rest - the trifecta of healthy living - yes!  So simple and obvious AND profound.

Thank you Jenn for these reminders...I also have a theme song (Home by Phillip Phillps - "Settle down, it'll all be clear...") and using a bamboo plant as my strength symbol to remind me I am resilient, have all my basic needs met, and growing daily...(bamboo needs only water, a little light and kind words to thrive).

I will keep you posted - anyone want to join me in these 12 weeks???

Have a Nothing New Day!


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello and Greetings from "It's Still Winter in NY" :)

Had a great opportunity to attend the Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration thanks to Bill Spelman and Megan Spelman - Excellent social time with colleagues and a thought provoking keynote from Suzan Johnson Cook, the US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom...check out her bio here

Ms. Cook's personal and visionary words reminded us of Ms. Anthony's charge to DO ONE THING... "If everyone would do one thing they have the time and energy to do…no matter how small or inconsequential they think it might be…it would make all the difference." - Susan B. Anthony

AFFIRMATION - Yay! OK then, yes I will! I can DO ONE THING (every day?!) to make all the kind conversation, one more recycled cup, one less plastic fork, one smile, one more bag of clothing out of my closet, one more investment in a friendship, one...

REMINDER - Yes! The luncheon also got me thinking that there were times my Nothing New Year efforts felt small - there are people out there doing so much more than I am to increase their impact and reduce their footprint...then I was reminded that one thing can make a difference - that I am doing my part...

ACTION - Join me! I am heading to the ACPA Conference on Friday (in Vegas - yikes - I am nervous - all I know about Vegas is from the movie, The Hangover...) and will be inviting people to DO ONE THING at the Convention to "Lead Green" - with their money, time, energy, resources...such as; use the same towels all week, reusable mug for your coffee, take your trash home to recycle, follow up on a relationship, skip the Vegas souvenirs and bring home photos, stories and ideas...get it?

The Teamworks website will soon have a forum for just this - how you are leading green in different aspects of your life - how you are maximizing your capacity for impact beyond your presence or involvement...stay tuned!

More to follow - have a Nothing New Day! and DO ONE THING! 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

It is Happening!

Hello Friends! The book is underway!!! Cover designer working with me now - yay! February 22 will launch the design..."Living Lean and Green - A Year of Nothing New (How I stopped shopping and started saving). PS - Snow covered garden and solid frozen ground is good for the garlic! But stay warm out there! Happy 2013 to you...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

And "Sow"It Begins...

DAY 27 (Year Three)

I was ready to REALLY plant my garden in mid-March...

I mean I was soooo ready when we had the 75 degree weather and I saw my garlic coming up way too soon (well - I thought it was early but perhaps the garlic feels right on time...) so it seems I have been ready for over a month.

The good news is that I have had what seems like "extra " time to get my "new improved, twice as big, turned 90 degrees for better sun, roto-tilled, two more raised-beds with a winding walk" food growing space prepared in more manageable chunks of time.

The fence is up - the metal stakes from prior garden mark the perimeter. The stakes took a Winter detour down to Conesus Lake and were destined for the scrap metal place only to be reclaimed again (redundant I know!) this Spring. I was all set to make a fancy white picket fence with a gate and a trellis...which sounded nice until I priced it out at $350 including post hole digging, cement and a ton of NEW stuff from Home Depot. As usual, the HD was great and sort of talked me out of it for a lot of reasons...thank you HD Guy! More Reality. More Using What You Already Have. That's the power of the HD!

The wire up to keep the critters out (HOPE IS NOT A PLAN) was "found" in my garage - yay. Just need to tack it down into the ground now (tent stakes) before putting the seedlings out into the beds. I witnessed a squirrel walk right under the fence and right in to the garden like he owned the place - all strutting and digging around - didn't even use the front door. Well, where the door WILL be. Will secure the wire to the metal posts, get a door (attach it somehow)...Put all the rocks I pulled out last year back in around the edge - looks nice...a garden "feature"...felt good to put those back to use.

Planted seeds in the little indoor green houses least things are underway - I would like it all to be up and out and in and growing in the Earth by May an edger and a real wheelbarrow now...look out! They were new so now I am on a quest for a used door and used tile to lay in between the beds to walk on and to deter weeds...we have so may great used house stores in Rochester - I will find something I'm sure! Will share the ROC resources in the next post...

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I AM Silver Maple

DAY 266 (Year 2)

I found out that you, Neighbor's Tree were a 95 foot tall Silver Maple and were probably around 70 years old. You were deemed a hazard by the town because your roots were heaving the driveway. I will choose to believe you had just outgrown your space and you felt it time to move on.

A little more about you....excerpts from an article by the University of Florida IFAS Extension (Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences)...I AM SILVER MAPLE.

The Silver Maple has a vase shape and is a rapidly-growing, fairly weak-wooded tree which reaches a height of 80 to 100 feet with a 5 to 6 foot diameter trunk on a moist site. The tree is useful in wet areas, transplants easily and can grow where few others can. It should be saved for planting in wet areas or where nothing else will thrive.

Branches tend to droop, almost weep, forming a graceful canopy outline as it grows older. The bright yellow fall color can attract attention in early fall but you will pay the price with the abundant number of leaves to rake. To develop a stronger, more durable tree, prune so that major limbs remain smaller than half the diameter of the trunk.

Silver Maple can be a prolific seed producer giving rise to many volunteer trees. It often sends up sprouts from the trunk and branches producing an unkempt appearance. Branches often form poor attachments with trunk resulting in branch failure in old, mature specimens. Frequent pruning is required to develop a strong branch structure. Ice and snow loads can cause branch failure in younger trees. Like many other large trees, it will lift sidewalks if improperly located too close to sidewalks...It grows extremely fast so creates almost instant shade, making this a popular tree among homeowners throughout its hardiness range.

PS. One more reason to love Home Depot...I talked to John at the HD to find out how old this tree might have been...He was wonderful – knowledgeable and sympathetic to the emotion to the day! He affirmed my sadness (I hope he didn’t know that I had actually been CRYING – I have The Menopause) and was excited for my plans to plant a Silver Maple in my yard as a memorial. Talking with him pulled me to a more postive, less mournful place. He actually referred me to some other tree farms who would come and dig a 4 x 4 foot hole for me (John said this could save me some "a** busting work") – which makes me love HD even more! Less Crying. More Planting. That's the Power of the Home Depot Thank you John!

PPS. My Dad, John Kenneth Skarie, was almost 70 when he passed away in 1997 and was a tree lover. He lovingly cared for the big old elm tree that use to stand next to my childhood home - hung the rope swing with the old inside-out tire seat, cleared her leaves from the gutter during rainstorms and stood by her side the day she had to go back to her roots...Miss you Dad - meet you at the tree house!

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Neighbor's Tree

DAY 265 (Year 2)

(NOTE: A bit of a side departure from Nothing New - I hope you see the relation to being deliberate in the use of all our resources. Thank you for reading!)

They are cutting down my neighbor’s tree.

I noticed a space in the sky when I pulled down our street on Saturday night – I had been gone for just a day but something felt different. Then I saw it. A big orange spray painted “X” on the tree two houses up the street from mine. A few of the bigger limbs and branches had already been trimmed...I knew what that meant.

It crossed my mind that a green X would have been nicer – a little more natural, more gentle.

I forgot to look again on Sunday in the light of day. The pending demise of this great tree went out of my thoughts as I focused on my travel recovery and everything I had to get done this week. A denial tactic, no doubt, to avoid thinking about the fate of this tree.

When I heard the trucks this morning, I remembered...

Dear Neighbor's Tree,

We were not close friends yet I felt your welcome to Monroe Street every time I returned home. Heading down my street – our street – was the last segment of all my journeys home, from daily errands or from a week away. The GPS would say, “turn right and you have reached your destination”, just as I rounded the corner. There you stood.

Your tall reach was an entry way to our little neighborhood. I always appreciated you but I never took the time to really get to know you. I am not even sure what kind of tree you are – maybe that doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s wasn’t my place to get to know you – you were not MY tree. Maybe your owners knew you better – I hope so. You sat right in their front yard just a few feet from their house. You offered your shade in the Summer, your leaves in the Fall, your beacon of green in the Spring and your steady presence through the Winter.

As I witness your last day – a rare, sunny, blue sky day – all your branches are gone now – sections of your trunk hit the ground with a thud. Sad to be sure but maybe this is a return to your roots...

Oh Neighbor's Tree, I promise to treasure your cousins – the six black walnut trees that mark the corner of my backyard and the white pine tree that graces my front yard. I promise to notice your other relatives more and to remember that many of you were here long before us and will be here long after we are gone.

Thank you for your years of service to Monroe Street, for befriending the apple trees you have seen come and go in this former orchard and for your peaceful reminder that everything is temporary...even the good things...and that today is enough.


Your Neighbor – Kristin Skarie