Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello and Greetings from "It's Still Winter in NY" :)

Had a great opportunity to attend the Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration thanks to Bill Spelman and Megan Spelman - Excellent social time with colleagues and a thought provoking keynote from Suzan Johnson Cook, the US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom...check out her bio here

Ms. Cook's personal and visionary words reminded us of Ms. Anthony's charge to DO ONE THING... "If everyone would do one thing they have the time and energy to do…no matter how small or inconsequential they think it might be…it would make all the difference." - Susan B. Anthony

AFFIRMATION - Yay! OK then, yes I will! I can DO ONE THING (every day?!) to make all the kind conversation, one more recycled cup, one less plastic fork, one smile, one more bag of clothing out of my closet, one more investment in a friendship, one...

REMINDER - Yes! The luncheon also got me thinking that there were times my Nothing New Year efforts felt small - there are people out there doing so much more than I am to increase their impact and reduce their footprint...then I was reminded that one thing can make a difference - that I am doing my part...

ACTION - Join me! I am heading to the ACPA Conference on Friday (in Vegas - yikes - I am nervous - all I know about Vegas is from the movie, The Hangover...) and will be inviting people to DO ONE THING at the Convention to "Lead Green" - with their money, time, energy, resources...such as; use the same towels all week, reusable mug for your coffee, take your trash home to recycle, follow up on a relationship, skip the Vegas souvenirs and bring home photos, stories and ideas...get it?

The Teamworks website will soon have a forum for just this - how you are leading green in different aspects of your life - how you are maximizing your capacity for impact beyond your presence or involvement...stay tuned!

More to follow - have a Nothing New Day! and DO ONE THING!