Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smug No More

DAY 120

Hello! Was able to avoid plastic on the plane today - the iced tea came in an aluminum can - skipped the cup! Did not need to whip out my bamboo "To Go Ware" though...maybe next time. To be sure about where my iced tea can would end up, I asked the flight attendant if her airline (J--B--e) recycles and she responded, "Well, we take all the trash and give to another company and they are supposed to sort it." Hmmmm.

But just when I was feeling oh so smug about her iffy answer.....I reached my final destination, where I broke down and had a....."dun, dun" (scary music) BOTTLED WATER. The tap water was supposedly in question, for taste not safety, nonetheless, I took the easy route and grabbed a bottle....from the frig....cold. It tasted pretty good but now I am compelled to reuse the bottle as much as possible on this trip, find a reuse for it once I am back home and THEN recycle it. Darn! It was so easy to slip! I am sure the tap water would have been fine.

So we ended up talking about plastic, trash on the beach, etc. and my colleague Deb told her story about having picked up 6 bottles on her last beach walk (in FL). Carried them back home in a plastic bag she found in the water as well! Well done. This is a usual practice for her and I am inspired. What if everyone did that? Hmmmm. What if everyone did NOT leave their trash on the beach? Double hmmmmm. Thanks Deb!

And as what usually happens when I talk about what I am doing this month with plastic, people want to share what small and meaningful steps they are taking to preserve, reserve and conserve...Everyone here is turning the water off during teeth brushing and wanted me to note that here. Good job us.

A cool resource, related to plastic came up at dinner - a "green" products website...I am in search of non-plastic, Made-in-USA pens for my company and was directed here: http://www.recycledproducts.com/ Interesting! Thanks Greg!

More fascinating plastic stories to come... for four more days then it is on to "Local Foods" Month - woot!

Have a Nothing New Day! - Kristin "I will drink tap water from now on" Skarie:)

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  1. This is so fun! Keep it up. Interesting how each day offers info to add.