Monday, July 26, 2010

Plastic Everywhere

DAY 119

Hello/Good Morning!

I thought it would be challenging yet doable...not so much! This is "No Plastic" Month - which has really been "Less Plastic" Month. I envisioned a life of tin foil, wax paper and reusable shopping bags but plastic is in everything and everywhere.

To feel some sense of accomplishment, I focused on at least not buying plastic - especially bottled water, or any drinks for that matter unless they came in glass. That was good - did it...the habit also involved bringing my own water bottle, coffee mug and *bamboo silverware* that my new friend Gina from the University of Utah GAVE me while telling her about Nothing New - how nice was that?

My revived "BYOB(ottle) habit is thanks to her! This is a true environmental woman and the fact that she also has her own silverware handy made me just about fall out of my chair. The silverware is made by "To Go Ware" and the fork, knife spoon and chopsticks ($11.95) all come in a cool bright turquoise holder with a mini carabiner clip, made out of - you guessed it - recycled plastic bottles (more plastic - oh well!) Featured on Oprah no less for a "waste-free" lunch!

On a recent flight to somewhere, I told the flight attendant that I did not need silverware to eat my gourmet orzo salad for $8 in a non-recyclable plastic box. She tried to had me the plastic ware a second time and I said (proudly), "No really, I don't need it, I have these!" She was even more excited than I was, wrote down To Go Ware's website and congratulated me for having my own silverware. My new BFF also said, "Imagine if everyone did that..." but did not finish the sentence.

Yup - plastic everywhere...the cap on the OJ box, the little tab on the concentrated lemonade can, the handle on the natural kitty litter, the wrapper around the lid of the plastic container for the hummus. My awareness of plastic is at an all time high...

Oh, I still had to throw away the gourmet orzo salad dinner box but I have a Plan B and C for just such occasions that I will tell you about tomorrow...

Have Nothing New Day! Skarie

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