Saturday, July 24, 2010

Motivation Months

DAY 117

Hi! More background info on the framework for my year of MNN (Mostly Nothing New)...

I decided to do specialty months to keep things interesting (Motivation Months) so I started in June once I had some time to get the new habits of nothing new down pat. June was "No Lights"(about a "7" on a 10 point scale in terms of difficulty) and July has been"No Plastic"...(a "23" - almost impossible!). August is going to be "Local Food" and September will be "Natural Cleaning Products".

As practice for August, I made a NY salad for lunch today with everything from local farms or at least from NY State! Lettuce and 8 peas from my garden (planted the peas too late), blueberries, tomatoes, and apricots plus organic beets, and eggs from Fimka and Larry at the Farmer's Market. NY potatoes are boiling as I write to make garlic mashed potatoes (with my chives and Fimka's organic garlic :)

So much more to tell you about this food thing, a movement for me actually - much inspiration coming from reading, talking and listening. I will have some food rules in place for August as well - film at 11~

Meanwhile, I will fill you in on how things got rolling, March - May...have a Nothing New Day! K

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