Friday, April 22, 2011

Swimming Pending New Suit Still Needed

DAY 400

I am afraid the "six word memoir" concept has taken over my brain. Will use in moderation I promise (6 words).

I have decided to start swimming again after watching my 9 year old nephew, Jonathan in a couple of meets now. He is GOOD and I'm not jus sayin that because he is my relative and gets all his talent from me - haha. I have gone to a few of his Saturday 7am practices, watched him prep himself to race - event/lane/heat written on his arm with a sharpie, cap, goggles and shake out the arms and legs - and cheered him on for the brief seconds he flys, strokes, and freestyles his way to the finish. This along with flashbacks to my high school swimming days, reminder of past fitness in my life and the recent spotting (not stalking) of Dara Torres (2008 Olympian at age 41 among other achievements), I am prepped to go to my town rec center and get my @#* back into the pool.

I am making the decision to my a new suit, cap and goggles - these are such *personal* items - so getting them used is not interesting to me. Got advice from Jon on the best color for a suit - green, black or blue is best.

Starting May 18 I will head back into my second year of Nothing New fueled by renewed energy from the pool chlorine, gardening successes and the vision of further financial stability and freedom. Yay!

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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