Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black Bean Quest

DAY 397

Just when I was convinced and had all but given up on finding black beans grown in NY State, there was a ray of hope this past weekend!

This belief (now a confirmed myth!) was bringing me down. In my second year of Nothing New I am working hard to eat only locally grown seasonal foods with very few exceptions. I have also decided to go back to being vegetarian. My big concern is protein because I cannot eat soy and dairy so I have been thinking deeply about beans (in my free time).

I had dashed hopes for local beans given what I thought was a fact. Based on the research I had done last summer, I really thought that black beans were not grown here... Along with the longest winter ever this has been a real downer, man. Perhaps I should have tried harder. I must forgive myself and move on.

As I was mentioning my protein/black bean woes to some lifetime Rochesterians on Saturday, I received this response, "What? We have black beans here, what do you mean you can't find black beans grown in NY?" He was a tiny bit upset and in disbelief, as if I had suggested that paper is made from cheese.

He gave me a farm name and the farmers name...well, that was easy!

So the NBBINY (No Black Beans In NY) myth is busted! Right up there with the Easter Bunny and that you can die from eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke, the Black Bean mystery is solved.

With a little research on the WWW, I found my source. One phone call to John at NY Beans and I was on my way to Caledonia, NY to buy 25 pounds of black beans grown in my 100 mile radius. Woot!


The only other thing I will check on is how to buy directly from the farmer...but maybe he sells to NY Bean first...I will keep you posted.

Black Beans - yay! No more dread, the cloud is lifted! Joy! Rapture!

Have a Nothing New Day - Kristin

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