Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Can See Garlic from My House

DAY 369

I planted garlic in the fall and now a miracle is happening in my garden! I went out on Sunday to push some dirt around to feel like I was “gardening” and then I saw them... 8 of the 12 garlic cloves I put in the ground in November sprouting up about an inch above the soil. And the gardener was happy. Today, I did a “from my kitchen window” glance around the backyard for branches, squirrels and cardinals and realized I could see the garlic sprouts from there! Very exciting.

It really is a life metaphor to see something survive and thrive through what seemed like the longest, coldest, grayest winter EVER. Plant something, let it sit and see it sprout. Simple, profound.

So as I make plans for an expanded 2011 garden with kale, tomatoes, butternut squash, more basil and more lettuce, I can see how this whole grow your own food thing can be addictive. Don’t worry, I will not be getting chickens and goats at this point. I will leave that to the experts! OK Wendy Thomas??? Check out Wendy’s great blog “Lessons Learned from the Flock” at simplethrift.wordpress.com. I bow down to all farmers and animal tenders and to the time and energy and love it must take to raise animals - I mean really, my cats Buddy and Curtis are a little bit of work, but they are pretty self-sufficient.

I am a big fan of goat cheese, I must say...hmmmm....OK, I promise – no goats...I will leave that one to Missy Martz! Missy gave me a million dollar gift recently – a precious bar of goat’s milk soap that she MADE. With some help from her goats of course. I just about fell over when she gave it to me...I cannot imagine what it takes to take care of the goat, get the milk and THEN make soap. I am in awe. I have the bar in a spot of honor to admire it daily – I almost don’t want to ever use it! It is a symbol of all that is right with the world...

I am still deciding how to “do” year two of Nothing New – I think I will continue with the numbering of days...I also need to decide how I am going to NOT spend money in Year Two.

Meanwhile, I am going to get some sleep and dream about garlic and goats...Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

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