Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hmmmmmm...What's Enough?

DAY 323

Still working on the details of using my car less...I leave again soon - so I will start next week - practice riding the bus for one thing! I am excited - I think this is going to be a signficant change for the good...

Meanwhile, getting in the garden mode...for real! In February! I bought a book (used) called "Sufficient" by Tom Petherick...Sufficient as in self-reliant and as in enough - love it. Looks like some very interesting perspectives on sustainable living from a British perspective. Will do a book report when I am done :)

I am going to fancy up my garden a bit this year - make it bigger and replace the chicken wire with a fence (used wood!). I am hoping my compost will be ready this summer too...I have been adding "stuff" since the summer. Even in the dead of winter it seems to be churning - a little steam comes out when I go to dump in a new batch of eggshell/carrot parts/lettuce bits potpourri. Cool!

Still have a freezer full of local peaches and berries, my pesto and bread...need to start eating!

More to follow...need to go and get SUFFICIENT sleep :) Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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