Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choice and Commitment

DAY 317

My Fashion Fast is over - I wore a bright pink sweater today - yay! A nice change from all the black I was wearing this month!

It took me about 20 minutes to figure out what to wear - why? I have not had to make any clothing decisions for 30 days! Also, the stuff in my closet seems foreign to me. Oh, and some (several, OK, many) do not fit because I have chosen to NOT exercise regularly for the past 6 months. Why am I surprised? Argh.

A very interesting experience to be sure - I think I will do it again in the summer...

This is Day 7 with no Coca Cola - or any soda for that matter. I think my sugar cravings are subsiding which is a good thing. My potato chip craving has not. So, I am done eating those now too. Really. Until March 19, 2011. For real.

I do want to have one more meaningful Motivation Month and am drawing a blank...ideas anyone? I will add exercise 3x a week starting tomorrow but I really want to try something big. All feedback welcome :)

More to follow - going to finish up and call it a night - Have a Nothing New Day!


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