Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's on TV?


Ideally, I would be watching TV whilst enjoying my Chipotle take-out (in this quaint, peaceful theatre district hotel in New Brunswick, NJ...alas, my decision to watch NO TV for one year precludes me from doing so. Instead, I am alone (not lonely :)) with my veggie Burrito Bowl in recyclable container and my To Go Ware bamboo utensils - greening it up baby!

The quiet room is a welcome change to the past 24 hours spent in NYC, I must say! I was working with a talented and lively group of Orientation Leaders at Pace University and then drove to my next stop for a training tomorrow here in NJ. It took me almost an hour to get OUT of the city and into the Holland Tunnel...good times. There are so many cars and people! "It's a wonder more people don't get picked off in the streets by cars!" I spoke out loud to myself in the midst of it all. A lot of honking and not a lot of smiling. TV for a year. The Time-Warner dude said "Wow, good luck with that", as we cancelled my cable. There is no option at home to even turn the boob tube on in the first place so that will be easy to manage. The hotel TV temptation is a little more challenging. I resisted last night and actually got a lot of loose ends tied up via email, caught up on a staying in touch with my people connecting on Facebook (not giving that up) and had a long phone call with a great friend...I think NO TV is going to be a good thing...

Not only will I "get" more call to Time Warner will save me $96 a year! I also reduced my land line plan in the same call...another $240 a year or so saved for a total of $336. OK then! What could you cut, change, reduce in your life to unclutter your time, your space or your finances??? Check out this cool blog by ...reposting Erin Rooney Doland's website here:

Going to get ready for tomorrow and enjoy the silence....Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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