Sunday, January 9, 2011


DAY 286

Two of my 2011 goals have been reached - exercise 3x a week and bake my own bread...just need to keep the exercise habit for longer than one week, right? Bread turned out nicely - a little dense and something weird happened when I tried to get the loaf out of the pan. It took about 3 hours to make this bread - from prepping, mixing and punching to rising, checking and baking, it was my day's main activity! I appreciate bread.

My fashion fast has begun - although I am sporting my "workout costume" at the moment, in my mind, I am wearing my Green Bay Packer shirt! Packers will beat the Eagles today. Yes, they will.

This month's new habit will sure make packing easy - I have both plane and automobile travel. Things will hopefully be a little less stressful getting myself out on the less thing to decide/prepare.

As I was telling a friend today about my Nothing New endeavor, I was reminded of the privilege I have to be able to implement this interesting experience. Coupled with learning about the Ted Williams story this week - the homeless man from Columbus, OH with the Golden Voice - I know how blessed I am to have what I have. I never take for granted my access (social, physical, financial) health, time, education, support from family and friends, a home, a full frig, cats...Watching him be so grateful, gracious, faithful, insightful and kind, truly realigned my perspective. For that, I am grateful and so happy for Ted.

What do you have? What are your privileges? Your blessings? Your "bread"?

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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