Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Inside

DAY 287

Hello! I decided to save my (6) clean clothes for the pending trip to avoid doing laundry and opted for the workout outfit today. Traded out for the painting clothes later on with hopes of getting some "Atmoshpheric Blue" onto the walls of my bedroom. Only got as far as finishing up the prep-taping. Maybe tomorrow.

These additional costume changes are somewhat beyond the whole Six Items Thing...well, I am the one making the rules after all. The whole point being to see what I really NEED to have in terms of a public wardrobe. You will make your own rules as well...if you decide to do this or a tweaked version of this challenge - please comment below! I would love to learn from you:) News flash: Just packed in 15 minutes - easy peasy (lemon squeezy)! A tiny little miracle, really.

The bones of my house are cold. She told me today as I added a little more clear tape to the edges of her plastic-dressed windows. My bones were cold today. I layered as much as I could - including a scarf. My office window faces North and my desk is as near to that natural light as possible. A creative little breeze comes out of the closet to my left if I do not close the "door" (aka curtain). I was in good company today as I just heard from Amy who wore her wool hat all day inside! I get it...comfort sacrifice - oh well! Pretty on the inside :)

This trip will be the first real test of the 6 items - will tell all - not sure if this would be easier in warmer months...I may try it again just in June for kicks! I sure know how to live it up! Easily amused...

Off to finish some handouts - Have a Nothing New Day and stay warm! Kristin

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