Monday, August 2, 2010

Learning Curve

DAY 126

I underestimated how big of a change this month of NY foods is going to be! I thought I was all set to go but turns out I have be very deliberate about prep and follow through. Having said this after making pesto at 2 in the morning because I picked it and did not want to waste it. "Planning Ahead" is going to Habit Number One in a series - I can tell you that right now.

Found out today that although Wegman's (Do I mention them enough? They should be my blog sponsor!) makes most of their own bread, the flour comes from Idaho - what? NY produces flour here somewhere but not in a large enough quantities to be cost effective - therefore Idaho wins the Flour Derby...bummer! Not that there's anything wrong with Idaho! Hmmmm. I will also need to decide how far I want to go with food that has all NY INGREDIENTS....Will check out out Lori's Natural Foods ASAP and get some ideas...

So anyway, I packed my food for several days - I really have no idea how much that really is - hope it lasts me! I am in dire need of many more reusable containers...will have to look around at yard sales for "new" ones. I am a little creeped out by buying used food containers.

More later as I get reactions from bringing containers of a whole lotta vegetables...could be weird (fun!) on a lot of levels - stay tuned!

Have a Nothing New Day - Kristin

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