Sunday, August 28, 2011

Habits, Always Habits

DAY 99 (Year Two)

I had gotten off track with a few things - veered off to buy some new items - small - new nonetheless...greeting cards, computer bag for a college bound gal, a t-shirt from Moravian College, Barnes & Noble/Target gift cards...hmmm....still doubling the value and putting that amount into a special account...kind of a win-win "punishment"...

On the food front too - its been easy to slip into the convenience and rationalization - especially when I am traveling...I really want to eat locally AND as of late have enjoyed bananas, OJ and some other distantly sourced which is it? Full or part time "Localvore"??? Same on the vegetarian front...a little salmon here, tuna salad which is it?

The end of the world? No...AND I must decide and stick with it. There is a little more ground work to do on the vegetarian scene...find my local black bean farmer, talk to some veg friends for support and make more deliberate time for packing my own food for road trips to avoid the fast food traps.

On the Nothing New side of things....set some time aside to make a few cards, get more creative with gifts, and stay focused on the need vs the want.

So, Day 100 is a renewal day - a back-on-track day, a take-a-breathe-and-keep-moving-forward-day. It's been an odd day anyway - contemplative yet restful - just the winds of Irene here...knowing that thousands of people are not having a peaceful day makes the quiet here more of a contrast...I hope everyone is recovering or prepared depending on which end of the storm they are on.

Have a Nothing New Day! Kristin

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